2 years ago

Benefits of Having a Business Emailing Address

A business emailing address is a very easy way to keep in touch with clients of all kinds. It is a modern and standard form of communication and it is very useful for marketing and advertising. In order for you to use business mailing, you will need to set up an account somewhere. To set one up, first you need to pick which platform you wish to use, a provider company or your own hosted domain. The latter being the more professional choice, because you can brand it to your own dot com. Then you need to think of whether you will access your mail with a web based interface, or use a commercial desktop client to pull the mail data.

Either way, you will need to complete a registration form. If you want to register a domain name, you should pick one that corresponds with your business name and then proceed with your email account. After you have completed registering with a service provider, you will continue to make your primary email address and any sub-accounts that you desire. It is really as simple as assigning a name to your new account and creating a password for it. This can be done as many times as the service provider allows, with your own domain usually having unlimited email account creations.

There are many benefits to using email for your business. Things such as:

  • Open and easy communication, which allows you to reach your customers, clients and employees.
  • Emails can act as a database of information, which can be used to contact potential customers to inform them of your product, gain the trust of your clients and receive customer feedback.
  • Monitoring and managing your business, which is also important with electronic email, because you can send and receive them, even when you are not there.
  • Utilizing an auto-responder is also very helpful, because you can use it to keep in touch with your clients while away.
  • Setting up a business emailing address, is not only important for you and your company, it can also be very profitable when it is managed the correct way.



2 years ago

Affordable Web Design – Yes You Can!

The best way to have a good start in online entrepreneurship, is to have an impeccable website. For starters who are usually small businesses, affording a professionally designed website may seem rough. However, affordable web designs are becomming more easier to come by, due to technological advancements and an influx of skilled workers. While 'affordable' may sound great for buyers on a budget, are they truly worth it? Let’s weigh some things out and see.


First of all, an affordable web design is not hard to find, especially when you know how to look. Try searching online and you will receive a long list of companies promising to give you a perfect website at cheap price. But the other side of the story is the risk of receiving a poor website. You get what you pay for – that’s what they say. There are ways to determine if a company is professional, or just fly-by-night.


While here are many more bad developers than good ones, the good ones still member in the millions! So there is no need to worry, because you can absolutely have your ideal web design, at an affordable price. You just have to have extra patience and effort to research and eventually hire the right people. Interviews are important, a strong portfolio to begin with is a good judge of their skill as well.


Learn some of the trends for this year when it comes to designing a website. One of the trends for 2015 is using images as the background and responsive web design. For modern website design, it is must that the design is responsive on all laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Though PCs are still used, the majority of users now use laptops, tablets and smart phones to access the Internet. Thus, your web design must be mobile device-friendly!


Of course, you must have a budget and stick to it. After identifying your budget, you can start to look around and find the right designer for the job. No need to worry, many small designing companies offer web design packages that will surely match your budget.


Where to look for affordable web design? The best place to look, is at small web design companies or freelance web designers. They can be a good catch that offer affordable rates without giving you cheap web designs. Know what to expect, learn to negotiate and you will have the best web design without the high cost.